Client: Raktherm


Raktherm, a global leader in manufacturing premium quality piping systems, embarked on a journey to expand its digital presence, starting from Dubai, UAE, across Europe, Asia, and now into India. Partnering with Cogneet, they aimed to enhance their brand awareness and engagement through targeted social media marketing and content marketing strategies.

Project Overview

Raktherm faced the challenge of establishing a strong digital presence in diverse markets, particularly in India and Dubai. The goal was to create a cohesive brand image across different regions while catering to the unique market dynamics of each location.


Navigating the diverse market landscapes of India and Dubai presented unique challenges. In India, the focus was on establishing Raktherm’s presence in a new, competitive market. In Dubai, the challenge was to reinforce the brand’s existing presence and authority. Both markets required a deep understanding of local consumer behaviors, preferences, and digital media consumption patterns.

Solutions Delivered

Social Media Marketing for India

We developed and executed a tailored social media strategy for Raktherm’s Indian market. This involved creating region-specific content, engaging with the local audience, and leveraging social platforms to increase brand awareness and customer interaction.

Content Marketing for Dubai Website

For the Dubai website, we implemented a comprehensive content marketing strategy. This included creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content that highlighted Raktherm’s industry expertise and product excellence, aimed at attracting and educating the website’s visitors.

Marketing Consultancy

Cogneet provided ongoing marketing consultancy for Raktherm’s Dubai head office and Indian operations. This consultancy covered various aspects of digital marketing, including strategic planning, market analysis, and campaign management.

Paid Media Advertising for Brand Awareness

We launched a paid media advertising campaign focused on brand awareness. This campaign utilized various digital platforms to reach a broader audience, introducing Raktherm’s brand and products to new markets.


The social media marketing efforts in India resulted in significant brand engagement and awareness. We successfully introduced Raktherm to the Indian market, creating a solid foundation for future growth.

In Dubai, the content marketing strategy for the website enhanced Raktherm’s online visibility and position as an industry leader. The SEO-optimized content not only attracted more visitors but also improved user engagement and education about Raktherm’s products.

The marketing consultancy provided strategic insights that helped Raktherm navigate the complex digital marketing landscape, aligning their campaigns with business objectives in both Dubai and India.

The paid media advertising campaign played a crucial role in increasing brand awareness across both regions, reaching a broad audience and effectively conveying Raktherm’s brand message and value proposition.

Cogneet’s Successful Digital Transformation for Raktherm

This project with Raktherm exemplifies Cogneet’s expertise in delivering tailored and effective digital marketing solutions across diverse global markets.

Our integrated approach to managing social media, content marketing, consultancy, and paid advertising campaigns played a pivotal role in strengthening Raktherm’s digital presence in both the Indian and Dubai markets. This case study highlights the impact of a well-orchestrated digital strategy in establishing and reinforcing a brand’s global footprint.

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