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Client: PHD Chamber of Commerce


PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with a rich history spanning 118 years, has established itself as a pivotal entity in promoting Indian industry, trade, and entrepreneurship. As a dynamic and proactive organization, PHDCCI has been instrumental in shaping the economic landscape of India, both domestically and internationally. With a vast network encompassing over 150,000 businesses, PHDCCI stands as the “Voice of Industry & Trade,” committed to driving progress and integrated development.

Project Overview

The primary objective was to develop a new website for PHDCCI required a robust database and setting up a secure and efficient server. The goal was to enhance PHDCCI’s digital presence and streamline its data management and operational processes.


In an increasingly digital world, PHDCCI requires a robust online platform to effectively represent its vast network and initiatives. The challenge was to develop a website that was not only informational but also user-friendly and reflective of PHDCCI’s prestigious legacy. Additionally, there was a need for a comprehensive database system and reliable server setup to support their extensive operations and data management requirements.

Solutions Delivered

Cogneet took a holistic approach to meet PHDCCI’s digital needs.

Website Development: We focused on creating a website that was:

  • Informative and user-friendly, ensuring easy access to vital information for various stakeholders.
  • Visually appealing, aligning with modern design trends to reflect PHDCCI’s forward-thinking ethos.
  • Optimized for performance, ensuring fast loading times and a seamless user experience.

Database Setup and Management: Our team developed a comprehensive database system to:

  • Efficiently manage the vast amount of data related to members, events, and various initiatives.
  • Ensure data integrity and security, adhering to the highest standards of data management.

Server Setup and Management: We implemented a robust server setup that provided:

  • Reliable and uninterrupted online services.
  • Scalability to accommodate PHDCCI’s growing digital needs.
  • Enhanced security measures to protect sensitive information and online assets.


The redesigned website marked a significant leap in PHDCCI’s digital journey. Post-launch, the site recorded a substantial increase in user engagement, with higher session durations and lower bounce rates. The intuitive design and enriched content significantly improved the user experience, leading to positive feedback from various stakeholders.

The social media campaign successfully amplified PHDCCI’s online presence, resulting in increased followers, higher engagement rates, and more effective dissemination of their initiatives and industry news. The targeted approach in social media content led to enhanced interaction with international entities, contributing to PHDCCI’s global outreach.

Cogneet’s Successful Digital Transformation for PHDCCI

The collaboration between PHDCCI and Cogneet has set a new benchmark in digital excellence for industry bodies. The project not only revitalized PHDCCI’s digital presence but also reinforced its position as a leader in the industry. As PHDCCI continues to evolve and adapt to the digital era, its partnership with Cogneet remains a key driver in its journey towards greater heights in the digital domain.

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