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Core Competency specializes in delivering effective competency management products and solutions. Their approach enhances employee performance by providing precise assessments, targeted training, and insightful analytics. Additionally, Core Competency offers Off-the-Shelf Courses. These pre-packaged courses are ready for immediate deployment. They are designed to speed up corporate training and help organizations achieve their learning and development objectives efficiently.

Project Overview

  • Revamp Website UI/UX: The goal is to increase Core Competency’s visibility and engagement across various social media platforms. The strategy includes highlighting their range of innovative products and services, thereby broadening their digital reach.
  • Elevate Social Media Presence: To enhance engagement and visibility on various platforms, showcasing Core Competency’s products and services.
  • Optimize SEO and Content Marketing: To improve organic search rankings and establish Core Competency as a thought leader in HR tech.
  • Robust Content Marketing: To create insightful articles that highlight Core Competency’s expertise in making HR technology agile, resilient, and fast.


The project to elevate Core Competency’s digital presence faces several challenges. In revamping the website’s UI/UX, aligning the user experience with diverse user needs while seamlessly integrating new technologies is critical. Enhancing social media presence demands crafting relevant, engaging content and tailoring strategies for different platforms, each with unique audience dynamics.

In SEO and content marketing optimization, staying abreast of ever-changing search algorithms and creating standout content in a saturated market are key hurdles. Lastly, the robust content marketing strategy must focus on maintaining high-quality, consistent content delivery and effectively measuring its impact on engagement and business goals.

These challenges require strategic planning and adept execution to successfully enhance Core Competency’s footprint in the HR tech sector.

Solutions Delivered

Website UI/UX Design:

This strategy ensured that the new website not only embraced a modern aesthetic but also remained highly functional, catering to the needs of diverse users. Additionally, the integration of new features into the website was meticulously managed. Special attention was given to minimizing any disruptions to existing services, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining a seamless user experience throughout the update process.

Social Media Enhancement

A strategic content calendar, tailored for diverse audience segments across multiple platforms, was developed to boost Core Competency’s social media engagement. Concurrently, advanced analytics tools were utilized to monitor engagement, enabling real-time fine-tuning of the strategy based on the gathered data.

SEO and Content Marketing

Focused on keywords that resonated with Core Competency’s target market, this solution ensured Core Competency’s website was optimized for search engines, aligning with the latest SEO practices. In addition, in-depth articles on HR tech trends, challenges, and solutions were developed, positioning Core Competency as an industry leader. Quality backlinks and strategic partnerships were leveraged to enhance Core Competency’s online authority.


    • Website Metrics: The redesigned website experienced increased engagement, lower bounce rates, and longer session durations.

    • Social Media Growth: Notable increase in follower count and user interaction across social platforms.

    • SEO and Content Marketing Success: Improved search engine rankings for targeted keywords and higher organic traffic, thanks to the authoritative content.

Cogneet’s Successful Digital Transformation for Core Competency

Cogneet’s collaboration with Core Competency exemplifies their skill in providing customized digital solutions. The project included a comprehensive redesign of Core Competency’s website and an overhaul of its social media management strategy. This collaboration was driven by a commitment to amplify Core Competency’s digital footprint in a highly competitive market. The outcome of Cogneet’s efforts is a significantly strengthened online identity for Core Competency, one that resonates effectively with their business goals and offers a more engaging experience for their audience.

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