Biryani By Kilo

Client: Biryani By Kilo

Project Overview

Biryani By Kilo, a renowned restaurant chain with over 70 dine-in outlets across India, has made a name for itself with its authentic, fresh dum-cooked handi biryanis. Celebrated for its slow-cooked dum biryani, kebabs, kormas, and more, Biryani By Kilo sought to amplify its digital presence and connect with a wider audience through a flavorful mix of social media marketing and paid ad campaigns.

Our task was to capture the essence of Biryani By Kilo’s culinary expertise and translate it into a compelling digital marketing strategy. The goal was to showcase the uniqueness of their offerings, highlighting the traditional cooking methods and the rich flavors that set them apart.


The primary challenge was to stand out in the highly competitive food and restaurant industry on digital platforms. It was crucial to not just attract attention but also to convey the authentic experience of dining at Biryani By Kilo. Additionally, driving tangible results in terms of footfall and online orders through these digital campaigns required a keen understanding of the target audience’s preferences and behaviors.

Solutions Delivered

Social Media Marketing

We crafted a social media strategy that revolved around showcasing the rich heritage and authentic taste of Biryani By Kilo’s dishes. This included regular posting of mouth-watering images and videos, behind-the-scenes looks at their cooking process, customer testimonials, and interactive content to engage food enthusiasts.

Paid Ad Campaign

Our paid advertising campaign targeted food lovers across India. We created visually appealing and appetizing ads that highlighted the unique selling points of Biryani By Kilo’s menu items. The ads were strategically placed on platforms frequented by our target demographic to maximize reach and engagement.


The social media marketing efforts led to a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement. The content resonated with the audience, resulting in higher interaction rates, increased followers, and more user-generated content from satisfied customers.

The paid ad campaigns were a success, resulting in an increase in online orders and foot traffic to the dine-in outlets. The campaigns effectively reached a broad audience, bringing the unique taste of Biryani By Kilo to the forefront of the culinary conversation.

Cogneet’s Successful Digital Transformation for Biryani By Kilo

This project with Biryani By Kilo highlights the power of a well-crafted digital marketing strategy in the food and restaurant industry. Through targeted social media marketing and carefully curated paid ad campaigns, we successfully enhanced Biryani By Kilo’s digital presence, leading to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth. This case study showcases the importance of aligning marketing strategies with a brand’s core identity to create a flavorful and lasting impact in the digital world.

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