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Client: Somesh Automobiles


Somesh Automobiles, 4.8* rated, a trusted Maruti Suzuki authorized service station, sought to enhance its digital presence and brand identity in the competitive automotive service industry. Partnering with Cogneet, the objective was to develop a comprehensive digital strategy encompassing website redesign, social media engagement, local SEO, paid advertising, and a robust brand identity design.

Project Overview

The project aimed to create a cohesive and compelling digital identity for Somesh Automobiles, aligning with their reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction. The focus was on establishing a strong online presence that resonated with the local audience and differentiated them in the market.


Crafting a unique digital identity in a competitive automotive service market required a deep understanding of local consumer behavior and preferences. The challenge was to not only improve Somesh Automobiles’ online visibility but also to effectively communicate their value proposition and service excellence.

Solutions Delivered

Designing Brand Identity

A crucial part of our strategy was redesigning Somesh Automobiles’ brand identity. This included developing a new logo, color scheme, font, and visual elements that reflected the modernity and professionalism of their services. The new brand identity was integrated across all digital platforms and marketing materials to ensure consistency and recognition.

Website Redesign

The website underwent a thorough redesign, transforming it into a modern, user-centric platform. We introduced advanced features for ease of navigation, comprehensive service information, and a simplified booking process. The design was streamlined to reflect Somesh Automobiles’ professional image, ensuring a blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Social Media Engagement

Our strategy on social media was to craft a narrative that resonated with the target audience. By creating and sharing content that showcased Somesh Automobiles’ expertise, customer service stories, and insider tips on vehicle maintenance, we built a brand persona that was relatable and trustworthy. Regular interaction and community engagement initiatives further solidified their presence on these platforms.

Local SEO

To dominate local search results, we implemented strategic local SEO practices. This involved optimizing the Google My Business listing, integrating location-specific keywords, and ensuring consistent business information across directories. Our focus was on enhancing online visibility to attract customers searching for reliable automotive services in their locality.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

We developed and executed paid advertising campaigns targeting the local demographic. These campaigns, comprising search and display ads, were tailored to highlight the unique selling points of Somesh Automobiles, such as quality service, convenience, and reliability. A/B testing and performance analytics were employed to continually refine the campaign strategy for optimal impact.


The redesigned website significantly enhanced user experience, resulting in increased online engagement and service bookings.

Our social media strategy improved brand awareness and customer engagement, creating a community around the brand.

Local SEO efforts led to higher search engine rankings, increasing organic discovery and inquiries from the local area.

The paid advertising campaigns successfully attracted new customers, evidenced by a rise in inquiries and bookings.

The new brand identity resonated with customers, establishing a memorable and professional image for Somesh Automobiles in the digital space.

Cogneet’s Successful Digital Transformation for Somesh Automobiles

This project with Somesh Automobiles showcases the transformative power of an integrated digital marketing strategy combined with a strong brand identity design. By harmonizing website redesign, social media, local SEO, paid advertising, and brand identity development, we successfully propelled Somesh Automobiles to the forefront of the local automotive service industry. This case study demonstrates the importance of a holistic approach in digital marketing, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand presence across all platforms.

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