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Client: KenKen, UAE


KenKen International Championship (KIC), the world’s largest math puzzle championship, has garnered global recognition for its effective approach to enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students. Recognized by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in the USA, KenKen puzzles have been instrumental in improving reasoning skills and academic performance. In line with UAE’s mission to elevate TIMSS and PISA scores, KenKen UAE aimed to expand its reach and impact through targeted performance marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Project Overview

KenKen UAE’s initiative was focused on leveraging digital marketing strategies to enhance awareness and participation in its programs. The objective was to reach a wider audience, generate leads, and ultimately contribute to the UAE’s educational goals by promoting the benefits of KenKen puzzles in early childhood education.

This project with KenKen UAE exemplifies the power of targeted digital marketing strategies in the educational sector. The successful implementation of performance marketing and lead generation campaigns significantly enhanced KenKen UAE’s outreach, contributing to the nation’s educational goals. The case study highlights the importance of aligning marketing strategies with educational objectives to achieve meaningful and impactful results.


The main challenge was to effectively communicate the educational benefits of KenKen puzzles to a diverse audience, including students, parents, and educators. Additionally, generating high-quality leads that could translate into active participation in the KenKen program required a nuanced understanding of the target demographic and their motivations.

Solutions Delivered

Performance Marketing

We executed a comprehensive performance marketing strategy, utilizing various digital channels to reach potential participants and educators. This involved paid advertising, search engine marketing, and targeted social media campaigns designed to highlight the benefits of KenKen puzzles.

Lead Generation Campaign

A lead generation campaign was launched to attract and engage potential participants and educators. This campaign focused on demonstrating the value of KenKen in enhancing quick decision-making skills, focus, memory, and academic excellence.


The performance marketing campaign resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness and interest in KenKen puzzles. The targeted approach helped in reaching a relevant audience, effectively conveying the educational benefits of KenKen.

The lead generation campaign was highly successful, with a substantial number of inquiries from interested participants and educators. This increase in leads not only demonstrated the effectiveness of the campaign but also indicated a growing interest in educational tools that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The campaigns collectively contributed to a greater awareness and engagement with KenKen puzzles in the UAE, aligning with the country’s educational objectives to improve TIMSS and PISA scores.

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