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Client: AV Industries


AV Industries, a leading name in hardware and glass fittings manufacturing in Delhi NCR, is known for its exceptional quality and innovative designs. Their product range, encompassing a variety of industrial and commercial applications, showcases their commitment to precision and durability. With advanced manufacturing facilities and a dedicated R&D team, AV Industries consistently pushes the boundaries of product development. Their focus on customer satisfaction is evident in both their top-tier product offerings and their comprehensive after-sales support, making them a reliable and respected name in the industry.

Project Overview

AV Industries, a leader in manufacturing hardware and glass fittings, sought Cogneet’s expertise to boost its digital presence and marketing materials. Our goal was to develop an engaging online presence and high-quality marketing assets, tailored to reflect their industry leadership and marketing objectives.


The key challenges were crafting a digital presence that stood out in a competitive market and conveying the technical aspects of AV Industries’ products in a user-friendly manner. We also aimed to improve their online discoverability and engagement through SEO and local listings.

Solutions Delivered

Website Design

We crafted a custom, informational website that embodied AV Industries’ brand ethos and showcased their extensive product range. The design prioritized user experience, easy navigation, and effective product presentation, while incorporating Google Web-Vitals for enhanced speed and performance.

Google Business Listing

Optimizing AV Industries’ Google Business listing significantly improved their local search visibility and accessibility. This optimization enhanced their presence in local search results and on Google Maps, making it simpler for customers to discover and connect with them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO strategy focused on improving the website’s search engine rankings. We employed keyword optimization, a strategic content approach, and technical SEO enhancements to secure higher rankings and drive organic traffic.

Company Profile Design

A professionally designed company profile effectively conveyed AV Industries’ brand story, values, and product offerings, appealing to potential clients and partners.

Product Photoshoot

We conducted a high-quality product and infrastructure photoshoot, underscoring AV Industries’ unique position as the only manufacturing company with in-house production capacity in Delhi NCR. These visuals were critical for the website and other marketing materials.

Product Catalogue

A detailed product catalog was created, showcasing AV Industries’ diverse product range. This catalog became an essential tool for client engagement and product demonstration.

Product Presentation for LED Display Screen

An engaging product presentation was developed for AV Industries’ LED display screens. This presentation, designed to captivate visitors at their facility, showcased their products in an interactive and visually appealing format.


Our comprehensive approach in enhancing AV Industries’ digital footprint led to a notable improvement in their online presence, customer engagement, and overall brand image. The modern, high-performing website, coupled with our targeted SEO strategy, broadened their audience reach. The professional product imagery and well-crafted company profile and catalogue effectively communicated their unique offerings, supporting their sales and marketing initiatives.

Cogneet’s Successful Digital Transformation for AV Industries

This collaboration with AV Industries exemplifies Cogneet’s dedication to delivering tailored digital marketing solutions for the manufacturing sector. Our expertise in website design, SEO, and visual marketing assets successfully positioned AV Industries as a leader in the industry, showcasing their commitment to quality and innovation.

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